Dark Sects

Terror Australis

In which the investigators find a strange device

April 28, 1924
James and Afaafa stood over the body of the wounded sea captain. Realizing that authorities would soon be there, the two ran down an alley, threw the incriminating gun into the river, and took a circuitous route back to the party’s headquarters.

Meanwhile, Jon was exploring the warehouse belonging to cult leader Ho Fong. After looking over the rocket parts found in the hidden storeroom, Jon stealthily crept upstairs to have a look in Ho Fong’s office. Most of the documents were in Chinese, but Jon did encounter some navigational charts of the region surrounding Gray Dragon Island, the headquarters of the Order of the Bloated Woman. Taking the charts with him, Jon slipped out of the warehouse undetected and made his way to rendezvous with the rest of the party.

April 29, 1924
With their additional information, the party decided to talk with the paramilitary group New China and attempt to coordinate plans for foiling the machinations occurring on Gray Dragon Island. The leader of New China, Chu Min, urged patience and told the investigators that they would be ready to assault the island in two months. Rather than wait for that long, the party decided to venture to Australia in hopes of discovering the third summoning site.

April 30, 1924
The investigators board a freighter bound for Darwin.

May 7, 1924
The investigators arrive in Darwin. Shipping labels on the crates in Ho Fong’s warehouse indicated that cargo was being sent to Australia care of the Randolph Shipping Company. The investigators decided to observe the warehouse of Randolph Shipping Company for a couple days before taking action.

May 9, 1924
The investigators learned that the proprietor, Toddy Randolph, unfailingly goes to the local pub at the end of the work day. Afaafa made her way to the pub and struck up a conversation with Toddy Randolph. Beguiled by Afaafa, Randolph readily agreed when she suggested they go back to his home, which happened to be a filthy cot inside the warehouse. Once in the warehouse, Afaafa attempted to fend off Randolph’s advances while clumsily attempting to rifle through his account books. After finding an interesting ledger, Afaafa turned and sprinted out the door. Randolph chased her for half a block before his distinct lack of athleticism caught up to him.

In the ledger, the investigators discovered that Randolph is receiving goods from the cult and forwarding them on to Cuncudgerie deep in the Australian interior. In the book, beside the incriminating shipments the party noticed a symbol that they are unfamiliar with.

May 10, 1924
The next day, the investigators broke into the Randolph Shipping Company during Toddy’s daily trip to the pub. Inside the warehouse, the party encountered several crates marked with the same symbol they found in Randolph’s ledger. Prying open one of the crates, the team found a strange device composed of rods, mirrors, gears, and what appears to be an eye tube. The investigators took the device and quickly departed the premises.

Back at the hotel, Afaafa decided to peer into the eye tube. Suddenly, her face contorted into a series of awful distortions and grimaces. The rest of the team rushed to her aid, but she appeared to be in some sort of coma.

May 11, 1924
Afaafa seemingly awoke from her coma, but did not appear to be herself. She refused to speak to the investigators and instead attempted to read every scrap of printed material that could be found in the hotel room. When she attempted to leave the hotel room, the rest of the party was forced to restrain her.

May 13, 1924
Despite Afaafa’s condition, the investigators decided to take a ship to Port Hedland and then travel overland to Cuncudgerie. Aboard the ship, Afaafa grew increasingly restless and could only be appeased by being brought more reading material. Navigational charts proved especially intriguing to her.

May 15, 1924
Late in the evening, Afaafa suddenly and inexplicably came to her senses. She began to speak again and apparently had no recollection of the past few days. The investigators could only speculate as to who or what had inhabited her body.



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