Dark Sects

Under the Sands

In which the investigators explore a lost city

May 30, 1924
Having passed through the portal, the party found itself in a large cavern populated with fifteen or so of the creatures that had led them through the portal. David Dodge identified them as Mimis – spirits from the Aboriginal Dreamtime. One of the Mimis stepped forward and began drawing rapidly on the wall. Although their understanding was imperfect, the investigators gathered that Mimis wanted the investigators to attack and kill a creature that had been preying on the Mimis. Once the Mimis were satisfied that the investigators got the idea, the lead Mimi led the party through another portal.

The group exited in a long, pitch black hallway. After turning on their flashlights, the party found itself near the opening of a shaft of indeterminate depth. Attached to the shaft by hinges was a giant stone lid with latches. It took all the investigators’ strength, but they were able to close the lid. Unfortunately, they neglected to fasten the latches. As they debated what to do next, a massive flying polyp burst through the lid and began assaulting the investigators with its devastating wind attacks. Most of the party was instantly driven into a state of pure terror and fled into the darkness. Twofer was killed in the initial onslaught, but Dick managed to retain his wits and began firing at the polyp from a distance. Despite his bravery, Dick was killed by the polyp which then began to feed on his corpse.

Once the rest of the party had returned to sanity, they spotted a tiny gleam of light in the distance. As they approached, they recognized it to be a light bulb and the end of a long line of them. While investigating a nearby generator, the party stumbled across an alien looking weapon, obviously designed for non-human hands. While debating which end of the weapon was the business end, the party spotted another light in the tunnel and soon enough determined it to be the helmet light of a maintenance worker. The worker fled as soon as he spotted the party, but he was run down and brought unwillingly back to the group.

The worker proudly identified himself as a member of the Cult of the Sand Bat and revealed that the cult was being run by Robert Huston, a member of the Carlyle Expedition. The worker also explained that the weapon the party had found was a lightening gun and was especially effective against flying polyps. After interrogating the worker, the group coolly dispatched him with a pistol shot to the head. Deciding that they could use the body as bait to draw the flying polyp, the investigators hauled the corpse back down the long, dark corridor. Upon hearing the polyp, the group fired the lightning gun and instantly killed the monster.

Deciding to follow the lights, the party made its way through the great stone corridor. Thick dust covered the floor and strange, alien writing adorned the walls. Crumbling edifices blocked with rubble could be seen as the party made its way through the hallway.

Eventually the group reached a great hemispherical room two thousand feet across. In the middle of the room, lay another hemisphere. This one emitted a pulsing, glowing purple light. Near it were a group of statues, horrible in their visage. And behind the statues, three shapeless, rumpled bat-things. As the investigators grew closer to the center of the room the bat-things started to stir, but the wise investigators retreated to the edge of the room and slowly made their way around the perimeter of the room. Across the room from the entrance, another dark hallway stretched out before them.



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