Dark Sects

The Demon Cabinet of Mister Lung

In which the investigators meet a very odd fortuneteller

March 19, 1925
Aboard ship, Courvoisier managed to recruit several others to join him in his quest to stop Nyarlathotep. The group now counted among its members journalist James Johnson, a mysterious African woman named Afaafa, a laconic Nepali known as Mr. Echo, and an soldier of fortune named Jonathan.

The investigators arrive in Shanghai early in the morning. After disembarking, they made a quick trip to the bank and then went looking for The Stumbling Tiger Bar where Nails Nelson had last seen Jack Brady, one of the few Carlyle Expedition members believed to still be alive.

Arriving at the bar, the party met the bartender Fergus Chum. After substantially greasing Chum’s palm, they were told that Brady had fled Shanghai and was now working for an arms dealer named Charles Grey in Rangoon. Crestfallen, the investigators left the bar and James read a newspaper while the rest of the group debated what to do. Their discussion was soon interrupted by Chum who was rousting a drunk who couldn’t pay his bar tab.

James noticed an interesting advertisement in the newspaper for an astrologer promising that he could foretell the future for those beset by dark forces. They persuaded the recently thrown out drunk to lead them to the fortuneteller’s shop.

Outside the shop a grey cat stood mewing at the door. As they entered the shop, Mr. Echo carried the cat inside. They were greeted in the shop by a man who introduced himself as Mr. Lung. The shop was covered in strange bric-a-brac: numerous medallions and amulets hung down from the rafters, scrolls with fierce tigers worked on them hung from the door mantles, and an unlit brazier with a pair of slippers in it rested in the corner.

As Mr. Lung began making smalltalk in Mandarin, Mr. Echo noticed that the drunk had lead them to the shop was across the street smoking a cigarette. Inside the store, Mr. Lung began acting in an increasingly erratic manner. First he attempted to sell each of the investigators one of the necklaces hanging from the ceiling. When the investigators showed little interest, Mr. Lung invited them to sit down and learn their fortunes. Once seated, Mr. Lung attempted to give the group a large pile of fake money. The group showed little interest in the ersatz currency. Mr. Lung then jumped up and offered the group tea; Courvoisier and James chose to indulge. Before bringing the tea to the table, Mr. Lung went and lit the brazier in the corner. The horrible odor of burning shoes began to fill the store. The grey cat attempted to find a place in the room as far from the brazier as possible.

Afaafa decided to covertly explore the living quarters behind the shop and got up to nominally use the bathroom. Mr. Lung then began attempting to tell the party’s fortune. Courvoisier and James began to notice a hint of drowsiness. Meanwhile, Afaafa had gone into the storage room at the top of the stairs. The room contained some old furniture and a large cabinet covered in carvings and lined with mirrors.

Courvoisier and James’ sleepiness turned into unconsciousness. Seeing his friends had obviously been drugged, Mr. Echo leapt up to grab Mr. Lung. But Mr. Lung escaped his grasp and ran up to the storage room. Seeing Afaafa examining the inside of the cabinet, Mr. Lung rushed up behind her and threw her into the cabinet closing the door behind her. Afaafa immediately began to notice a curious sense of diminishing as though her life-force were being drained away. By this time Mr. Echo — with the grey cat behind him — had caught up to Mr. Lung and put a knife to his throat. Mr. Lung began babbling frantically accusing the investigators of being demons sent to destroy him. Lung refused to unlock the cabinet, but a well-placed kick from Mr. Echo changed his mind.

Mr. Echo unlocked the cabinet, released Afaafa, and in a bit of turnabout, threw Mr. Lung into the cabinet. Mr. Lung immediately began banging on the doors, screaming that he would die if left inside. Mr. Echo relented and released Mr. Lung. Everything seemed to be on the road to normalcy when suddenly the grey cat began to metamorphose into a feline demon with gnarled claws and flashing eyes.

Everyone in the storage room attempted to flee. Mr. Echo and Afaafa escaped, but the demon seemed to have business with Mr. Lung. As the party fled the house, with the conscious investigators dragging the unconscious, they heard a series of screams and wails that put their hair on end. A blue flash of light escaped from the window and all was silent.

Tired and frightened, the party headed back to their accommodations.

March 20, 1924
The party returned to Mr. Lung’s shop to see what fate had befallen Mr. Lung. There was no sign of the fortuneteller or the grey cat, but a black scorch mark did feature prominently in the center of the storage room. After rifling through Lung’s belongings, the party concluded that there was little of interest.

March 22, 1924
The party caught a tramp steamer to Rangoon in search of Charles Grey, the man they believed to have see Jack Brady last.

March 31, 1924
Arriving in Rangoon, the investigators immediately sought out Charles Grey. Grey’s office was in a dingy warehouse near the docks. Crates of guns and ammunition were piled high in the warehouse. Grey informed the group that Brady had worked for him as an accountant, but had left several months ago headed to Nicaragua. The party asked for Brady’s address while he was in Rangoon hoping to turn up some more evidence to lead them to Brady.

April 1, 1924
With the aid of a translator, the party went to the boarding house where Grey said Brady had stayed, only to discover that no one at that address had ever seen Brady before. Convinced that Grey was lying, the party began to plot the best way to wring the truth out of Grey.



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