Dark Sects

The Bloody Tongue

In which the investigators come face to face with true horror

February 17, 1925
The party spent the day in Nairobi preparing for the formidable journey ahead of them. After stocking up on everything they would need for a trek across the African wilderness, the group departed with Nails Nelson acting as their guide.

February 20, 1925
The group chose to travel along the plains which unfortunately left them vulnerable to the spying eyes of members of the cult of the Bloody Tongue. Midday, the investigators spotted a group of ten armed men with curious red headbands fast approaching them. The group of men signaled their hostile intent when they began throwing spears at the group hitting some of the party. The investigators returned fire. The two groups engaged in a furious fight and the investigators held their ground despite being out-numbered. After seven of the cultists were slain, the other three turned to flee but were killed by the party before they could escape and spread word. Claude suffered a severe wound during the exchange and despite the best efforts of Dr. Courvoisier, Claude bleed to death on the plains of Africa.

February 21, 1925
The investigators began sighting other groups of travelers out on the plains. All the members of these other groups wore the same red headband as the group that ambushed the party earlier. Wisely, the investigators decided to return to the corpses of the slain cult members and don their headbands as a disguise.

February 22, 1925
Large groups of travelers all bearing the headband of the cult were roaming the savannah. All seemed intent on the Mountain of the Black Wind.

February 24, 1925
The party arrives at their destination only to discover a small army of cultists camping at its base. Estimates placed the number of cultists around 10,000. That evening, the evil priestess M’Weru descended from a cave to a bluff overlooking the camp. Overlooking her followers, she shouted, “Tonight is the time of greatness, when our lords sends us his chosen seed! Tonight comes the dread child and its terror to confirm us!” and began to chant strange words in a language unknown to human ears. The multitude quickly picks up the chant and drums begin pounding out the rhythm of the words.

Desperate to halt the ceremony, the group turned to Nails Nelson and trying to persuade him to take a shot with his rifle at the M’Weru. Nelson perceived that any threat of violence against the priestess would result in certain death and declined to fire. Instead he ran. Professor St. Croix cast a spell to summon a servitor of the Outer Gods. The servitor attempted to attack the cultists but was mobbed by hundreds of madmen and torn to shreds before it could do any significant damage.

The casting of the spell incited the crowd so the party split up attempting to melt away into the mass of people. All but Professor St. Croix were successful. St. Croix was seized by the throng of people and beaten to death.

At this point, Courvoisier deemed the situation dire enough to release the chameleon that Old Bundari had gifted them. The chameleon instantly grew to the size of a school bus and began smashing and eating cultists right and left. M’Weru spotted the disturbance and cried out for her followers to destroy the intruders. A horde quickly swarmed over the chameleon stabbing it and firing into it. Unable to withstand such an assault, the chameleon was slain.

Convinced that the interlopers had been dealt with, M’Weru continued the ritual. At this time, the cult began its sacrifices. Dozens of men, women, and children from the surrounding areas were brought forward and brutally dispatched. During this frenzy of bloodshed, the sky began to cloud over and peels of thunder echoed across the plain. Finally, a searing bolt of lighting struck the mountain top and M’Wero shrieked, “He bestrides the mountain as he bestrides the world!” Slowly the hideous god of the Bloody Tongue began to phase in to this reality. The sight was too much for Zuri and Arnold and they were overcome by catatonia, their minds fleeing from the horror that confronted them.

With a wave of his grotesque red tentacle, the avatar of Nyarlathotep caused a stairway to be formed that led up to the temple inside the mountain. The horde surged forward, eager to enter. As the throng rushed beneath Nyarlathotep’s legs, the bloody tentacle scooped up random cultists, smashing those that pleased him and throwing those that did not off the side of the mountain. Only Durry and Courvoisier remained in possession of their faculties, and they bravely ascended the mountain to enter the temple.

Inside another frenzy of bloodletting was occurring. Captives were tossed into pits containing ants that striped the victims of flesh in minutes. At the alter stood M’Weru and a woman with a grotesquely distended stomach lay prone on the alter. The investigators recognized the woman as Hypatia Masters, a member of the Carlyle expedition. At last, M’Weru raised her hands for silence and a deadly stillness filled the temple. Yellow eyes began to glow from within Masters’ stomach. Hypatia let out a scream before exploding into a shower of gore. Masters’ stomach ruptures in a cascade of slime, and the terrifying spawn of Nyarlathotep reached out a tentacle grabbing a cultist and began to feed. After eating, the spawn began to shimmer and slowly transformed into a simulacrum of Hypatia. The crowd grew out of control and began to engage in frenzied singing and dancing until all were exhausted.

February 25, 1925
As the mob exits the temple the next day, the sane investigators lead the still catatonic ones away. Deciding that Zuri’s mind was beyond all help, Durry and Courvoisier cruelly abandoned him to an almost certain death. Arnold was more fortunate and the investigators took him with them on their return journey to Nairobi.

March 1, 1925
Back in Nairobi, Arnold is checked into the same hospital as Lou, and Durry and Courvoisier go to Natalie Smyth-Forbes, the editor of the local newspaper, to inform her of the events they witnessed. Smyth-Forbes listens sympathetically but obviously thought that the group had gone mad.

March 2, 1925
The group returns to Old Bundari to inform him of their failure to stop the ritual. Bundari listened to their tale and informed them that all hope was not lost. The spawn had been born to conduct a gate opening ceremony that would usher Nyarlathotep into this world. There were three wards around the globe (one at the Mountain of the Black Wind, one in China, and one in Australia) that prevented the creation of the gate, but they had been destroyed. Bundari told the investigators that there task was now to find a way to reestablish the wards.

March 3, 1925
The group set sail for Shanghai. During the voyage, Durry is driven mad by his act of abandoning Zuri and he is confined to his quarters.



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