Dark Sects

Stranger in a Strange Land

In which the investigators meet a new and unusual ally

May 31, 1924
The investigators having been exhausted by their exploration of the underground city, made camp in a hallway leading out of the cultist temple. After a restless few hours of rest, the party was awoken by a group of people walking down the corridor. The group withdrew to the shadows to observe the newcomers. The party consisted of two men with goads herding a group of slack-jawed men dressed in work clothes. After following the group for some distance, the investigators decided to instead investigate the source of this work gang.

After thirty minutes or so of walking down the passageway, the investigators came to a large open space with a newly built three story building in the middle. Several halls branched off the clearing, so the party elected to keep exploring. They picked a corridor and followed it. That route lead them to a room, small by the standards of the underground city, with a large pit in the middle ringed by electric lights on poles. Rather than face the unknown contents of the abyss, the investigators chose to return to the three story building.

Leaving David Dodge as a lookout, the rest of the party open the door to the building and ventured inside. The first floor contained mining and construction equipment along with a locked chest marked “explosives.” A large ramp lead up to the second floor.

Cages filled with Aboriginal prisoners filled the second floor. As soon as the investigators appeared, a great hue and cry went up from the prisoners. However, the cages were locked with a non-mechanical and alien lock. Giving up on releasing the prisoners for the moment, the party continued to the third floor.

The third floor was arranged as a rough apartment complete with camp stove, workbench, and a crude desk. The party performed a thorough search of the dwelling. They found a large manuscript entitled Gods of Reality seemingly written by Huston. Also found were numerous document cases filled with strange almost plastic sheets covered in the writing that the party had seen on the walls of the underground city. The group quickly snatched up a lightning gun and strange copper bowl laying on the desk. A strange helmet attached to a large power supply sat in the corner. Rather than attempt to divine its purpose, the party ripped the wires off. On the way back down, the investigators smashed open the lock on the explosives locker and borrowed liberally from the ample supply of dynamite.

Next the party ventured down one of the smaller corridors that branched off of the main plaza. A twenty minute walk brought them to a large room divided into three sections. The first room was filled with electronic equipment of every type, much of it unfamiliar and technologically superior to anything in the investigators experience. The next section contained a massive control board covered with dials, knobs, and switches. Wires leading from the control board attached to both a divan and an operating table with restraints. Unable to fathom the purpose of this device, the party moved to the third room.

The third room contained a workbench with electrical equipment and an arch leading into another room. The arch had curious holes drilled in the surface facing the floor. In the shadows of the room, the party could see a large pyramidal shape that began to stir with their approach. As Afaafa approached, the creature lifted its head and unwound two long arms with claws on the end. The creature then began to communicate with Afaafa telepathically. It introduced itself as Kakakatak and explained that it came from the far future. Huston had used a spell to summon it from its own time and trap it in the present.

Kakakatak asked the investigators to free it and promised them information on Huston’s operation in return for their aid. The party agreed and disabled the fuse box connected to the force field that imprisoned Kakakatak. Immediately, the creature scurried out of the room and bade investigators to follow it. In a nearby structure, Kakakatak opened from a seemingly sheer wall a cabinet containing several lightening guns. It warned the investigators of the danger posed by flying polyps. Once armed, Kakakatak explained that it needed to access the city’s archives so that it could build a device that would propel it to its own time.

David Dodge asked Kakakatak if it could fashion a key to open the cages filled with prisoners in the headquarters they had. The strange being assented and quickly fashioned a device from the electronic components in its erstwhile prison. Dodge quickly ran back to the three story building and unlocked the cages. The prisoners shouted in triumph and streamed past Dodge as they fled.



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