Dark Sects

New Allies

In which the investigators make contact with the man they have been searching for

April 2, 1924
Still desperate to find Jack Brady, the investigators left a letter with Charles Grey and pleaded with him to deliver it to Brady. They then spent the day combing the Rangoon docks searching for anyone who had even seen Brady.

April 3, 1924
Defeated in their search for Brady, the party decided to return to Shanghai.

April 13, 1924
Arriving back in Shanghai, the party decided to place an advertisement in the local English newspaper imploring Brady to contact them. While at the newspaper, Mr. Echo decided to search the archives for any interesting articles. He came across a piece describing a fire at a monastery the killed several. The interesting portion of the article described the flame as almost acting as a living entity following the fleeing victims from structure to structure as well as the fact that a European man was last seen in the vicinity of the fire. The article gave the name and address of a witness so the party decided to contact him.

April 14, 1924
The investigators questioned the witness to the fire who, when shown a photo of Brady, confirmed that Brady was the man he had seen leaving the scene just before the fire broke out. The party then went to the monastery itself and interviewed the head monk. The monk told them that Brady had been to the monastery looking for someone to translate a book titled The Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, but none of the resident monks had the requisite skill. The group asked the monk who else in Shanghai would be capable of such a translation and received a lengthy list of names.

April 19, 1924
The investigators spend the next five days inquiring after all the names on the list they were given. None of the people on the list will admit to having seen Brady, but Afaafa does notice that she was being followed by a short, squat Chinese man. During the same time, Mr. Echo puts another advertisement in the Shanghai Courier advertising that he has found a copy of The Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and is seeking to return it to its rightful owner. A few days later, Mr. Echo is contacted by post from one Lin Tang Yu claiming the book is his. Mr. Echo arranges a meeting with Yu in a public area.

April 20, 1924
Mr. Echo and Yu met. Yu quickly found out that the party did not in fact possess his book and he stormed out of the restaurant with his guards in tow. Meanwhile, James had been frequenting The Stumbling Tiger bar hoping to find the drunk who had followed them the last time they had been in Shanghai. James’ hunch paid off and that evening the drunk reappeared at the bar. James buttonholed the man and after some persuading the man revealed himself to be Isoge Taro, an agent of the Japanese Empire sent to Shanghai to investigate rumors of a super-weapon being built by the Communists. Taro told James that Brady had allied himself with a nationalist paramilitary group called New China. Taro believe that New China was training for a conflict with the Communists.

April 21, 1924
James went to the seemingly abandoned warehouse were New China had its headquarters. After a brief discussion with the guard, James was ushered in to meet the leader of New China, Chu Min. James proceeded to tell Chu Min everything that had befallen the party since New York. Chu Min listened to his tale carefully, told him Jack Brady would be in contact, and bid him good day.

April 22, 1924
The party was gathered at The Stumbling Tiger bar. Suddenly, a man in his early 40s strode up to the table and said, “I’m Jack Brady. I hear you’ve been looking for me.” Brady then proceeded to give the party an insider’s report on what actually happened to the Carlyle expedition. Brady described Roger Carlyle’s night climb up the Red Pyramid that resulted in an explosion accompanied by screams and a blinding red flash. According to Brady, Carlyle had broken one of the wards that kept Nyarlathotep from entering this dimension. Brady went on to recount Roger Carlyle, Robert Huston, Aubrey Penhew, and Hypatia Masters’ strange disappearance while they were exploring the Bent Pyramid. Carlyle later claimed to have been visiting ancient Egypt. Brady described an unspeakable rite that occurred shortly thereafter in which a number of the Arab diggers were consumed by creatures emerging from the earth. At that point Brady decided that he must separate Carlyle from the rest of the group. While the party was in Kenya preparing to go into the interior, Brady drugged Carlyle and gave the rest of the expedition the slip. At first Carlyle seemed to return to normal after being separated from the others, but soon he began having terrible nightmares that drove him mad. Brady had no choice but to put Carlyle in an insane asylum in Hong Kong under a false name before continuing to Shanghai.

Brady answered a few questions and informed the investigators that they had six months before the ritual to release Nyarlathotep would be held. Brady then excused himself and disappeared out into the night.

April 24, 1924
Remembering their obligation to Erica Carlyle, the party traveled to Hong Kong to see Roger Carlyle. What they discovered was a broken shell of a man who had long since taken leave of his senses.



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