Dark Sects

Encounter in the Outback

In which the investigators avail themselves of an unusual means of transport

May 16, 1924
While on their voyage, the investigators became acquainted with their fellow passenger, David Dodge. Dodge came to learn that the party has some experience with the unexplained and confides the purpose of his travel. Dodge had come into possession of a field journal belonging to Arthur MacWhirr. MacWhirr had been on a expedition into the Outback in 1921. During the trek, MacWhirr’s group discovered the remains of an ancient city that pre-dated human civilization. The group was driven off from the site by a night time attack on the camp by Aborigines and something else large and shadowy. MacWhirr, now too infirmed to mount a second expedition, gave his notes and journal to Dodge, a professor of archaeology. Dodge proposes that the investigators join his endeavor and the investigators agree.

May 17, 1924
Dodge and the party take the daily train to Cuncudgerie where Dodge plans on outfitting his expedition and hiring on laborers. Dodge stated that outfitting the expedition will take a week, giving the group enough time to search for clues in Cuncudgerie.

That night at the hotel bar, the party overheard two laborers discussing the tale of a seemingly crazy American who hired on two dozen men to travel with him into the bush, dig a shaft thirty feet deep, and then dismissed all the men. Upon questioning the two men believe the American bloke’s name was John Carver and his outfitting was done right in Cuncudgerie by Mortimer Wycroft.

May 18, 1924
The party decided to follow up on the rumor and goes to interview Wycroft. Wycroft’s dilapidated store sits on the outskirts of the town. Upon arriving, the party observe three Aborigines working lackadaisically outside the store and Wycroft inside. Wycroft denied any knowledge of a John Carver and was generally brusque and unhelpful.

Hoping for something more concrete, the investigators go to the assayer’s office concluding that any miner would have passed through the office as some point or another. The assayer told them that he had never heard of John Carver.

Determined that Wycroft knew more than he was letting on, the party returned to the store late that night and broke in. Inside they found a file on John Carver, but with the name in quotations indicating that it was perhaps an alias. On the way out, the party helped themselves to several sticks of dynamite.

May 19, 1924
Having concluded that the investigators were fond of tall tales, the regulars at the hotel bar told them about Mad Ginger Muldoon’s claims of encountering a ghost at Dingo Falls. The party tracked Muldoon to his favorite drinking spot and found him throughly intoxicated but willing to tell his tale.

Muldoon claimed he was camping near Dingo Falls when a figure wreathed in flame, its face in a silent scream, entered his camp and began moving toward him. Muldoon claimed he fought the creature with a stick although more than likely he fled into the night. Muldoon warned the investigators that Dingo Falls near property owned by the Slattery family: a group of degenerate drunkards who wouldn’t hesitate to brandish guns at presumed trespassers.

May 24, 1924
Dodge had successfully outfitted his expedition with two Daimler trucks and all the supplies necessary for an exploratory dig. The group departed that morning into the vast stretches of the Outback.

May 30, 1924
Having spent six days in the Outback, contending with the relentless heat, dust, and ever present mechanical problems, the party was surprised when an astonishingly tall figure stepped out from behind a boulder and raised its hand in greeting. The creature was humanoid, but stood at least seven and a half feet tall. Its fingers were long and spidery and it wore nothing but a loincloth.

The investigators approached the creature who then began drawing rapidly in the sand. It drew a crude diagram depicting a group of people entering some sort of portal. Satisfied that the investigators understood its meaning, it touched a nearby boulder which promptly split in two. A gauzy veil of air hung between the two pieces of the boulder. Anxious at first, the investigators proposed to send some members through and leave others behind, but the creature seemed insistent that all present make their way through the portal. Taking a deep breath, the party stepped through the veil.



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