Dark Sects

Battle Beneath the Dunes

In which the investigators encounter one of the principals of the Carlyle Expedition

May 31, 1924
The thirty captives freed by David Dodge soon realized that they had no way of escaping the ancient city and began to congregate outside of the large three-story building that had been their erstwhile prison. Having little better to do, they followed Dodge as he made his way back to the main party and Kakakatak.

The prisoners gasped at the sight of the Kakakatak, but through telepathy the alien was able to convince them that it meant no harm. Since the party shared no common language with the prisoners, Kakakatak was obliged to telepathically instruct the prisoners that they must follow the party to the exit of the ancient city.

As the massive group made its way through the tunnels heading toward the elevator, lamps from miner’s helmets appeared in the distance. The opposing force was none other than Huston and his acolytes returning from their excavations. Shots began to ring out in the subterranean darkness. Those with lightning guns began to fire while those with pistols moved up to closer range. The prisoners, eager to exact revenge on their captors, rushed forward towards Huston and his henchmen.

As Afaafa ran toward the cultists, she was struck by a bolt from a lightning gun. The massive jolt of electricity was enough to kill her instantly and to detonate the several sticks of dynamite she was carrying.

The cultists were quickly overwhelmed despite inflicting heavy losses among the former captives. Huston, laying mortally wounded in the dust, began an eerie, undulating chant. As Courvoisier walked up to dispatch the cult leader, the madman cried out, “You may kill me, but my revenge will reach from beyond the grave!” Almost immediately, the party began to hear the roaring winds and high pitched chittering of a flying polyp. While the prisoners scattered in terror, Courvoisier held his ground and coolly annihilated the fearsome beast with shots from his lightning gun.

Having destroyed the cult leadership, the surviving investigators and prisoners made their way to the elevator leading up to the surface. A quick scuffle with the two guards posted at the entrance ensued, but the issue was quickly settled with a blast from James’ shotgun.

Feeling they had broken the back of the Cult of the Sand Bat, the investigators commandeered one of the Daimler trucks sitting on the surface and slowly made their way back to Darwin. Once there, they bade farewell to David Dodge who had had quite enough excitement to last him a lifetime and set sail for Shanghai where they planned on a final confrontation with Sir Aubry Penhew.



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