Dark Sects

Assault on Grey Dragon Island

In which the investigators foil the plans of Nyarlathotep

June 21, 1924
After several weeks of traveling, the investigators finally reached Shanghai. While shipboard, they managed to recruit a new member, Judd. The first order of business was to check in with the New China paramilitary group to see how the plans for the raid on the Order of the Bloated Woman stronghold on Grey Dragon Island were shaping up. The party sought to contact Jack Brady by placing a prearranged ad in the classified section of the newspaper.

June 22, 1924
Jack Brady contacted the group by telephone and informed them that the members of New China were prepared at any time to assault the island. Furthermore, the sage Mu Hsien had finished translating The Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and now had the spell necessary to repair the ward broken by the Order of the Bloated Woman, but it would take Mu Hsien a week to teach the spell to a member of the party. Courvoisier volunteered to be the one to learn the spell.

The spell called for a quantity of blood from an innocent. The party made a quick stop at a local university where a hefty reward convinced a student to donate a unit of blood.

June 29, 1924
With the spell memorized and all the supplies gathered, the party contacted Jack Brady and informed him that they were ready for the raid. Brady told the investigators to meet him at the docks the next day at dawn.

June 30, 1924
As the sun broke over the horizon, the party boarded one of the converted fishing boats that made up New China’s flotilla. Several quiet hours passed as the boats skipped across the waves. The New China soldiers checked their rifles and talked nervously among themselves. By mid-morning, a lone island could be seen in the distance. Jack Brady identified it as Grey Dragon Island. As the ragtag armada drew closer, the wail of a klaxon could be heard over the noise of the boat’s engine. The cultists had spotted the invaders and raised the alarm.

Jack Brady informed the party that the first objective was to destroy the village housing the majority of cultists. The secondary objective was to find the cult headquarters, destroy the cult leadership, and cast the warding spell that would keep Nyarlathotep from entering our dimension.

The boats smashed into the island at full speed, grounding themselves on the beach. The New China soldiers and the party leaped out into the waist-deep water and began wading ashore. Sporadic gun fire came from the woods leading up to the beach as the cultists attempted to put up a defense. The party followed Jack Brady’s lead as he threw himself down on the sand and began firing at cultists.

After what seemed like an age, Jack Brady arose and called out for the New China soldiers to follow him to the village. The troops rushed through the jungle and came upon a collection of crude huts that housed the most degenerate of the cultists. The ensuing combat was brutal and no quarter was given to the cultists.

After the last cultist lay slain and the wounded had been tended to, Jack Brady gathered the party and several of his most elite troops. “Now we strike at the heart of the Order,” he said, and the group began marching toward the great volcano that dominated island’s skyline. After going several miles through the jungle, the trail led to an enormous cave. Just inside the cave were two massive steel doors that had been closed. The party’s cache of dynamite made short work of them, however.

After the smoke had cleared, the investigators, Brady, and several of the New China soldiers descended a stone stairway and came out in great cavern. Dominating the scene was a seventy foot tall rocket suspended by cranes over a massive pit of magma. To the sides were bubbling pools of water and cages holding prisoners for sacrifice.



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